COVID-19 update (18 Mar)

KCU members, please see below today’s (18 March) update from NZ Football and Capital Football: 

Please see attached the release from New Zealand Football regarding the recommendations for the 2020 football season due to the COVID-19 situation. More details is given in the Q and As.

In accordance with New Zealand Football’s recommendations, Capital Football have decided to postpone all Capital Football activity until the 2nd of May with games and courses to be rescheduled in accordance to this new start date. In accordance with the guidelines all trainings, small group skill centres and activities, including meetings, are to be postponed and can commence two weeks (18th of April) prior to this start date. These dates are subject to change due to the ever-evolving situation.

All current pre-season tournaments including the Kelly Cup have also been postponed.

Furthermore, in conjunction with Petone, the Hilton Petone Division 1 Final and Division 2 Semi Finals have been postponed until further notice.

We understand this is a very trying time for everybody and we will continue to provide as much information as possible. We also recommend referring to the guidelines available on the MoH website for further guidance.

Please find attached a question and answer sheet that we hope will provide more information on the steps and processes that we are putting in place.


Football | All football is postponed until May 2nd

Trainings | Can commence 2 weeks before the start of the season

Futsal | All futsal has been cancelled immediately

 Courses | All courses will be postponed and rescheduled from May 2nd

Hilton Petone Cup | Postponed until further notice

Meetings l Chair’s meeting and AGM are postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date