Junior premier trials are coming!

The KCU junior committee are pleased to announce that the trials for the junior premier teams are approaching.

What are junior premier teams?

In the 10th-14th grade KCU have up to 2 x junior teams at each grade to represent the club and play in the Wellington Premier Leagues with other Wellington teams.

Games are played both here locally in Kapiti and away in the Wellington region. Usually, home/away games alternate (but not always. Some teams play away more than that, especially in the 10th grade).

Players must attend trials to be considered for the premier team.

Does my child have to trial?

No. Trials are for players that want to play at a higher level in the greater Wellington region.

This is not for everyone. Those who choose not to trial or don’t make it into a premier team will play in the local Kapiti league.

If you do choose to trial, we expect trialing players to attend at least two sessions.

How does my child trial?

There are 3 sessions for each grade. We expect trialing players to attend at least 2 sessions. Each session lasts for an hour. All sessions will be focussed on skill development, tactical awareness, and small-sided games.

Each player must trial in his or her regulation grade.

Sunday 18th February – Weka Park
9am 10th grade players
9.30am 11th grade players
10.30am 12th grade players
11am 13th & 14th grade players

Sunday 25th February – Weka Park
9am 10th grade players
9.30am 11th grade players
10.30am 12th grade players
11am 13th & 14th grade players

Wednesday 28th February – Weka Park
6pm 10th grade players
6pm 12th grade players
7pm 13th & 14th grade players

Thursday 1st March – Weka Park
6pm 11th grade players

Expectations for parents/players

There will be some traveling involved to and from the away games therefore parents of players will be expected to provide transport and car sharing is advised.

The registration fee for a premier player is a little higher as we have bigger commitments for equipment and gear.

Parents will be expected to support and assist the coaches where possible, especially for the home games where we are expected to provide nets and corner flags on the pitches.

Players that are selected to play in these teams will be representing KCU. They are expected to behave responsibly both on and off the field as they will be ambassadors for the club.

Premier teams are expected to have at least 2 x training sessions each week to uplift their skills and development to compete at a higher playing level.


If you have any questions or feedback please contact us selection Junior Administrator as the recipient or email us on junior.admin@kcu.co.nz