KCU First team coach appointed

It is with great pleasure that KCU announce the return of two past KCU members to take up the challenge of coaching the KCU First team squad in the 2019 Capital Premier league.

Please welcome Alan Jones (Head Coach) and Curtis Jones (Assistant) back to the KCU fold, who will combine to ready the squad for competitive action next year.

Both have been successful in their own rights over the past few years and both have great attributes that will undoubtedly assist in the KCU First team’s future development and pathway to success.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Magno Vieira for his coaching of the KCU First team the past three seasons.

Magno took on a depleted squad in his first year and, although relegated in year 1, mustered a tight squad that bounced back in year 2 and gained promotion back to Capital Prems. Last season, year 3 he managed to keep KCU in the top flight of Capital Football.

Once again Magno, a big thank you from KCU for your efforts over the past 3 seasons and we wish you well in your future endeavours. We are sure we will still see you around the club continuing your great work with the holiday programmes.

Congratulations also to Adam Price at Waikanae AFC who will take on the reins with Waikanae’s First team. Good luck for the upcoming season and I am sure working with Al will have put you in good stead moving forward.