To help New Zealand’s football clubs perform at their peak, New Zealand Football has created the New Zealand Football Quality Club Mark. This is a national partnership with our seven District Federations, the Regional Sport Trust Network and Sport New Zealand.

Quality Club Mark aims to promote continuous improvement in the way football is delivered and supports clubs as they adopt standards of best practice in club administration, key development concepts and community engagement.

Quality Club Mark means that Kapiti Coast United has demonstrated both the desire and capability to achieve standards of best practice that have been set by New Zealand Football and monitored by Capital Football Federation, leading to the delivery of football in a safe environment for players, coaches, volunteers, administrators and parents.

Football is the largest participation sport in New Zealand across children, adults and ethnicities and is a major contributor to healthy vibrant communities across the country. In 2016 football participation reached 75,969 registered junior and youth players, over 26,000 college players, 25,239 registered senior players and 24,681 futsal players, all being supported by over 1,000 official referees and 10,000 registered coaches, plus thousands of volunteers and administrators the sport – a significant contributor to local communities.

View our Letter of Endorsement from New Zealand Football (PDF).