KCU would like to thank everyone who trialed for the junior premier teams recently. The standard was very high and everyone gave it their best.

To those who didn’t get in, thank you for trialling. Please continue to enjoy your football. We hope you have a good season.

To those who got in, your coach will be in contact soon. If your squad is looking for a coach, please consider whether you know someone who could take that role. Email junior.admin@kcu.co.nz if you can help.

We need all premier players to be registered and paid for ASAP. Click here for more info.  At the bottom of this page is a list of expectations that we have for junior premier players. Please familiarise yourself with those.

Also, we expect to hold a meeting for prem players and their parents in the near future. Stand by for that.

The players in the squads below are listed in no particular order.

10th Grade Premier Squad. Coach TBC

Keenan Husmann
Josh Gould
Morgan Swartbooi
Blake Gerbes
Harry Howes
Charlotte Caudle
Kazutomo Tomita
Jesse Hodges
Rohan John
Ted Gibbs

11th Grade Premier Squad (2 teams). Coaches Dave Jessop & Richard Bland

Cooper Dickey
Taryn Holloway
Riley Mead
Cameron Warner
Jesse Pollard-Simmis
Cleaveland Rugreanrob
William Adam Pugh
Oliver Jessop
Walter Bishell
Curtis Wilkes
Evan Bland
Joe Levaggi
Noah Ireland -Spicer
Isaac Ahipene
Jonathan Sieuw
Billy Kerrigan
Cormac Barnett
Clayton Rugreanrob
Ryan De La Haye
Riley Baker
Lennon Breen
Monty Hunt
Aron Mazzag
Hunter Maher

12th Grade Premier Squad. Coach Aaron Mead

Isacc Nyhan
Fintan Harty
Toby Scott
Carter Burns
Charlie Mead
Liam McCullie
Lennox Collinson
Luke Howard
Thomas McKnight
Billy Martin
Kaleb McBride
Nico Block

13th Grade Premier Squad (2 teams). Coach Dempsey Woodley & TBC

James Spencer
Art Woodley-Hanan
Ruven Ferguson
Louis Hodges
Ben Prosser
Zak Knight
Maanu Frost
Owen Cudby
Ben Hobbs
Mason O’Connell
Elijah Duncan
James Stuart
Thomas Reynolds
Theo McHugo
Neo Shearer
Steven Drumm
Noah Gray
Charlie Waterhouse
Jonny Bertham
Keegan Cooley
Angus MacKay
Owen Purcell
Connor Simpson
Oscar Kreuzer
Lucas Mitchell
Ollie Craney
Jack Flowers
Keira Pettefar
Tom Lynch
Victor Morley-Hall

14th Grade Squad. Coach TBC

Reece Litherland
Keelan Harty
Harry Goodwin
Alex Jones
Sam Penny
Eli Ward
Mick Reid
Tyler Gibson
George Reynolds
Andreas Patton-Jensen
Carter Winterburn
Nico Anderson Howard
Otis Finn
Ewan Addy
Isaac Hughes

Expectations for junior premier players

There will be some traveling involved to and from the away games therefore parents of players will be expected to provide transport and car sharing is advised.

The registration fee for a premier player is a little higher as we have bigger commitments for equipment and gear.

Parents will be expected to support and assist the coaches where possible, especially for the home games where we are expected to provide nets and corner flags on the pitches.

Players that are selected to play in these teams will be representing KCU. They are expected to behave responsibly both on and off the field as they will be ambassadors for the club.

Premier teams are expected to have at least 2 x training sessions each week to uplift their skills and development to compete at a higher playing level.