Spring skills holiday programme at Weka

As the school holidays approach and the winter season draws to a close we know we have a lot of keen junior and youth players out there who want to continue to up-skill. Crawford Plenderleith, who has run coaching and development sessions for KCU previously, is running a holiday programme that provides a mixture of skills and game time to help improve skills and agility. At this stage we are taking expressions of interest.

Each age group will have 2 sessions per week from 9.30am to 1pm. Cost is $20 per session or $35 for both sessions.

Ages 9 to 12

  • Week 1 Monday 28th September and Wednesday 30th September
  • Week 2 Tuesday 6th October and Thursday 8th October

Ages 12 to 15

  • Week 1 Tuesday 29th September and Thursday 1st October
  • Week 2 Monday 5th October and Wednesday 7th October

There will also be goalkeeper session dependent on interest.


Email Crawford at crawford_plenderleith@yahoo.co.uk

or phone 0226371365

More info from Crawford

My philosophy is to give the players a good foundation and the tools to be able to adapt to any style of play. Not all players have the same strengths and to produce great teams you need to be able to nurture and blend the qualities you have in your squad.

As such the sessions I will be running for the players will take the form of varied games and drills designed around the objective of teaching, improving and building on all the basics, while being enjoyable. We will work on everything including;

  • short and long passing
  • finishing
  • control
  • dribbling
  • speed and agility
  • defending
  • movement
  • communication