Important notice: TDP and junior premier teams

Due to some last-minute personnel changes, we have had to restructure this year’s youth/junior premier and Talent Development Programme (TDP) team structures.

The information below applies only to those junior and youth players who have trialled or intend to trial for TDP or premier grades this season. 


  • Due to personnel changes, there will be no TDP or Academy structure in 2020 for KCU.
  • Trials will proceed as scheduled and we encourage players to continue through the process.
  • Players will be trialling for a place in premier (or U17s) teams. 
  • Selected players will only pay their KCU fee. There will be no Academy or TDP fee. 

Talent Development Programme

As a prerequisite of the requirements for the provisional license granted to KCU to run TDP, the club was required to engage the services of a B Grade coach to be Technical Director and be responsible for coordinating the programme as set out by NZ Football.

Unfortunately the service provider chosen for this role has notified us of their intention to undertake an alternative coaching position for another club.

With such a short timeline to find a replacement, we have decided to defer roll out of the TDP programme until the 2021 season. We are hopeful that, by doing this, we are able to have time to get agreements in place with a suitably qualified replacement service provider.

Players who have trialled or intend to trial for a TDP team in 2020 are encouraged to continue through the trial process. Those players will now be trialling for a place in a premier (or U17s) teams.

Premier teams

The club has been notified that the Hearts Academy will be on hiatus for 2020. Therefore, all premier teams will be coached by a volunteer. Players in the team will pay the KCU fee and no Academy fee. 

Players who have trialled or intend to trial for a premier team in 2020 are encouraged to continue through the trial process. 

2020 and beyond

In summary, as a result of this decision it will be business as usual for 2020 with grades competing up to premier grade standard.

We are confident that we are able to provide a development pathway for youth at KCU that is both structured and cost effective for our members.

We apologise for any confusion but hope you can understand actions and rationale for this decision and make this a successful 2020 for all.

If anyone would like to have more information or clarity, please contact me as below.
Andrew Elms (Elmo)